Property Improvement Plan (PIP)

If you own and operate a venture in the hospitality industry, you understand the essential nature of executing a hotel PIP. Matos Retail Services boast vast experience as a contractor for top hospitality brands in the country. By efficiently applying proven approaches to the construction and renovation processes, our team helps hotels renew and capture a significant segment of market share and the construction processes.

By working with us, your business in the hospitality industry will enhance guest satisfaction and improve profitability. Over the years, we have developed processes and procedures regarding hotel remodeling projects across the country.

Opportunities and challenges discovered during the project, coupled with unique requirements, are all within our scope.

Building Better Customer Experiences

Through our quality-centric approach, we now enjoy repeat customers nationwide and beyond borders. Together with select suppliers and subcontractors, we can certainly bring your hotel property improvement plan to life.

We work with you to understand your business objectives thoroughly and then help you select the right contractors for the job. We work with you to ensure that your contractors are licensed, insured, and experienced in construction.

Consequently, we're equipped with a thorough understanding of the critical elements that must be implemented in each project.

Our hotel remodeling services include the following;
Others include;

We can help you design and implement a hotel PIP Select and negotiate the best possible terms with suppliers and subcontractors. Our team can also be handy in assisting you in evaluating the costs and risks of the project, including the potential for cost overruns or schedule delays.

Trust us to conduct due diligence on suppliers and subcontractors to ensure the quality and integrity of work. Maintain a professional and ethical relationship with suppliers and subcontractors. Ensure that your hotel construction process is risk-free by partnering with us.

We are a team of professionals with a strong background in construction, having completed countless hotel projects in the country. We've worked on projects either under development or in the final negotiations stage.

For example, let us look at the renovation of your existing property into a luxury hotel. As a start, you will need due diligence and research to determine the best course of action, which may require you to contact brokers, lenders, inspectors, and other professionals to acquire the necessary information. After gathering all the needed data and confirming the integrity of the information, you can start drafting your hotel PIP. You can begin by receiving construction documents from your contractor and verifying the accuracy of the information. In the process, you will also want to confirm the identity and suitability of the selected contractors and suppliers.

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