ADA Remediation

Regarding ADA remediation, especially for commercial buildings, there’s more compliance than just checking a box. Contemporary consumers are looking favorably for brands that provide well-thought-out accommodation for folks with a disability, veterans, and the growing population of seniors.

As of 2017, ADA complaints rose by 17%. And with an estimated 3.5 billion people considered disabled today, it’s forecasted to increase to 5.7 billion by the end of the century. What’s more, the global population of senior citizens is set to increase from over 60 million today to over 3.6 billion by 2050 meaning that more people will require ADA compliance in the years to come. To meet the needs of future generations, buildings must be ADA-compliant. However, compliance can be costly and not something that just anyone can do.

Our team has managed to remedy many client issues because of the more stringent ADA laws in the state. We ensure we apply the best practices learned over the years in remodeling and construction. We always keep up with different trends and regulations that provide our client’s ADA-compliant buildings.

By tracking ADA requirements across the country, our team is always prepared to help clients address any concerns that might result in discrimination complaints or any ”drive-by” lawsuits usually reported in industry news.

As the adoption of accessibility standards increases, so makes the demand for compliance. And not just buildings that need to be ADA-compliant will receive a boost from compliance. The same goes for products and services.

Some of the critical areas for ADA construction and remodeling include;

Matos Retail Services is your trusted partner if you're a chain brand or store wanting to expand across state lines.

Our goal is to come up with the most inviting experience possible for all our client’s clients.

We will work with you to ensure that your ADA installation meets or exceeds your standards and then leave you with a report detailing the implemented changes. Our team will map out the entire project from beginning to end, ensuring that you understand the scope of work, the deadlines, and any necessary authorizations.

You will work with a team of professionals skilled in ADA Remediation. We work with several contractors to execute the project professionally and on time. Our team monitors different vendors regularly to ensure the work is on-time, on budget, and complete.

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