Matos Retail Services is your number one choice for rollouts, commercial contracting, fixture installation, construction services, and more. We are an integrated and full-service contractor to top grocery stores, C-stores, QSR, hotels, and retailers in America.


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Our team serves top brands across the nation. For almost four decades, our primary focus has been delivering top-quality service and products on budget and time for leading retailers.

America’s leading brands trust Matos Retail Services as we build legacy client experiences for financial institutions, restaurants, hospitality, grocery stores, and retailers. Corporate franchises turn to us for quality, professionalism, and consistency.

We aim to be the number one contractor to the world’s most reputable and revered brands. We focus on specific sectors, so we’re constantly training our staff to serve and meet your precise needs like no other commercial contractor countrywide.


Matos Retail Services is a family-owned and value-driven contractor. Quality is our hallmark. We serve household names in restaurants, grocery, banking, hospitality, and retail by delivering nothing short of the best.

Our core values are simple. They are;

We believe that excellence is a progressive process that begins and ends with people. Our team takes pride in lasting relationships. We collaborate with the best in skilled trades such as plumbing, electrical, mechanical, etc.


Top-class brands reach out to us for vast experience, unmatched talent, and top skills. Our team offers integrated construction solutions for national rollouts, fixture installation, retail refreshes, and remodeling.

Whether remodeling one store, rebranding countrywide, or rolling out hundreds, the Matos Retail Services team is the market leader in installation services and integrated construction.

For over 35 years, we've served the country's top brands in grocery, convenience, banking, restaurants, warehouse centers, clubs, retailing and more.

As your ideal partner in turnkey services and contracting, our team leverages dedicated talent, processes, and technology to deliver timely and superior results regardless of the scope of your project or the size of your brand.

We understand that having a partner is the key to growing brands, so we’re always available for collaboration.


Many businesses are embracing the idea of providing accessible facilities and services, becoming more inclusive, and meeting the needs of their customers and partners with disabilities. We help achieve this through design, operational, and training practices. ADA compliance is not just a checklist item. It's about providing a meaningful experience for those with disabilities. Whether your building is new or old, we work with you from the word go to ensure that it meets the state's law requirements for ADA compliance.
The Matos Retail Services team is exceptional when it comes to commercial construction. Right from the moment you get in touch with us, you can be sure that we will take the time to understand your project and ensure that it is completed to your satisfaction. We work with various clients from all over the country, so we understand different needs and requirements regarding commercial projects. We have a team of contractors who are experts in their fields and can handle any construction project.

Building decommissioning projects has recently become an opportunity to resolve various pressures so a brand can move in a new direction. When a location is no longer needed for your company or your products or services, a facility needs to be decommissioned. It may happen when a store's role in your business plan ends or when leases have expired. When a store closes, it is essential to have a process in place to remove all its contents safely and efficiently.

We're experts in fixture installation. We employ processes, technology, and the right staff for a remarkable and seamless fixture installation. Our fixture installation service is renowned for its speed, accuracy, and efficiency, which is necessary for commercial property owners. We'll work with you to select the right fixtures for your business. Our team boasts a long-established track record of installation quality and efficiency. We'll do our best to make sure your new fixtures are up and running as quickly as possible. Sometimes, we might even prep the place for your new fixtures.
We embark on your PIP project by assessing your brand requirements and construction project. Our team will offer a comprehensive proposal for your property improvement plan. Once the project is approved, your team will select contractors, purchase materials, and commence construction. We provide an update on the project status and progress each month. You can expect to receive regular reports and photos, as well as a detailed invoice. PIP projects are long-term investments; therefore, you must work with a contractor you trust, like us.
In the recent past, commercial remodeling is becoming a primary strategy for many retailers. From convenience stores and banking to restaurants and others, commercial entities use remodels to enhance or pivot their brands. Matos Retail Services has everything you need to remodel your commercial property successfully.

Today, the focus of retailing is on customer experiences. Retailers want their customers to feel special, appreciated, and well-served. Even though the internet has democratized the buying process and made it convenient for customers to shop from any corner of the globe, many online shoppers still prefer to visit a physical store to make their buying decision. Our team offers retail services for a professional, clean and consistent look.
Our team can handle everything, whether you hire us for individual store openings and closures or national rollout services. Our dedicated project manager will oversee your entire rollout project from planning to execution. When you hire us for rollout services, you can expect an experienced team of project managers who are well-versed in implementing your new store. We have project managers who have worked in the retail industry for years.

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