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Matos Retail Services is the leader in fixture installation services. Working on a budget and on time, we embrace sophistication by utilizing technology, processes, and highly qualified personnel in the fixture installation business.

Our fixture installation technicians comprise highly trained professionals dedicated to precision and perfection. Over 600 value trade partners and employees across the U.S provide the capacity to implement swift, large-scale programs.

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We provide various fixtures installation services, such as manufacturer’s recommended service, product installation, and repair and maintenance. Our staff is well-equipped to provide a high-quality fixture installation with a thorough knowledge of industry standards, product usage, and customer location.

Regarding project timelines that could be a matter of weeks, our team can install countless store fixtures, FF&E installations, and other tasks in tech and security resets and updates.

As one of the leading fixture installation companies in the country, our team has managed to execute many national projects in a single month by involving almost 10,000 hrs of the workforce.

With this top performance level, we have remained the most preferred fixture and FF&E installation service company countrywide for retail brands, banks, restaurants, hotels, and chains.

Many brands prefer our top-quality fixture installation service because we focus on quality and efficiency, not volume. We partner with brands that want the best of the best and want their installers to be the best of the best. While we don’t mind doing a few small jobs here and there — we desire to handle the big jobs.

Our professionals know how to do it right, fast, and technically sound. Only the best contractors work for us.

When you hire a brand-new contractor, you’re putting your money where your mouth is. You want someone that won’t just do the minimum to get the job done.

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